Our Mission

To provide superior quality electrical and technology services that builds a foundation for the long-term success and wellbeing of our customers, employees, and their families.

Our Vision

We strive to build a transparent, honest work environment that fosters independence, empowerment, and the autonomy to create an efficient, enduring team.

Our Values


Protecting each other and our customers and their assets is our top priority. Without a safe and respectful workplace and job environment it doesn’t matter how good our work is. This is the measure.


Building each other up with role modeling, peer support, and thoughtful mentorship makes us who we are. Our team is only as strong as our newest members, and we only succeed together.


It starts by answering the call. Our reputation for being dependable defines us. The quality of our work and the value in our word are things others can count on.


Doing the right thing every time is the Steele Standard. We give our word, and we stand behind it no matter what. If something’s not right despite our best efforts, we’ll make it right.


Training to serve the breadth and diversity of our customer base, we pride ourselves on our creativity and ingenuity as much as our technical know-how.


Setting the bar higher and demanding more of our people than any other outfit in the business. We work hard to achieve this level of competency and we reward our people for being the best.

Powered by Passionate Professionals

From our founder to our newest employee, Steele Electric is what we are today because of our people. Passionate, creative, empowered, energized to solve problems and deliver the best customer service possible, our team is here to meet your commercial electrical, residential electric, and technology and data services needs.

Meet Our Team

Dan Steele
Corey Richards
Operations Manager
Kimberlee Steele
Marketing Manager
Bobby Wormington
Estimator/Project Manager

Answering the Call

Steele Electric Journeyman Electrician installs commercial light fixture in accordance with Washington State electrical code.
Humble Beginnings

In 2009 I was working to provide for my growing family. I knew we were in a recession and that, even though the company I was working for was great, the economy could affect my job status at any time. I got my Oregon Electrical Supervisor’s License to be prepared if, or when, that happened. A short time later I also got my Washington Master Electrical License so that I would have as many opportunities to say yes as possible. I wanted that security of knowing I could get us through a downturn.

Steele Electric Master Electrician performs industrial electrical inspection in accordance with Oregon State electrical code.
Answering the Call

Circumstances did change, and I found myself out on my own. I was willing to take any call I could get, and the key to getting as many jobs as I could was to simply keep answering the phone. I worked long hours to help neighbors, to bail out contractors, and to start building relationships that would keep those phone calls coming. Today, that is the same. Even though I don’t take every phone call myself anymore, a live person will answer and help you.

Steele Electric Journeyman Electrician installs security and data cable in accordance with Oregon State electrical code.
High Standards

It was important to me that I was doing better work than other contractors out there, that my standards were high, and that I was doing it for a fair price. At the same time, I was giving myself and my family a sense of security. As I watched the business grow, I got to experience the same sense of security and pride through my employees. I love to see employees with the same drive, and I love to see them be able to provide for their families. It has been stressful at times, but also very rewarding to see how this has grown into something that sustains other families and people who are planning for a life-long career here.

Steele Electric Master Electrician assembles new electrical junction box in accordance with Oregon State electrical code.
Continued Growth

As time has gone on, my drive and standards have not changed. I enjoy being able to do all kinds of work – I want to be constantly challenged and keep my skills sharp. My crew is the same – people at Steele Electric like to solve problems, produce excellent work, and go home with a sense of accomplishment in a job well done. I like to be able to meet any challenge and conquer it, and I am proud to now watch people who have started their career here go from zero electrical knowledge to being some of the most capable and talented people in this trade.

Steele Electric Electricians hold safety briefing on downtown rooftop as part of large commercial electrical service job.
Striving for Integrity

Steele Electric is now a successful, respected, and seasoned company. Some of our customers have been with us since the beginning, and a few of our employees have been here almost as long as I have. We have tackled projects that put us out of our comfort zone and come out the other side having learned something new and maintaining the integrity we strive for. I feel like our customers are our partners; they provide valuable feedback on how we are doing as a company and where we stand in the industry.

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